Friday, 14 August 2009

Girly Jocks

I’ve recently been reading the "lifestyle" section of the quite extensive website of German jockey/model Katharina Daniela Werning, after which at least two things are very clear to me:

First: I’m definitely not her type, not least because I refuse to feel bad about wearing casual clothing to any track that doesn’t include the word "Royal" somewhere in its name.

Second, she’s the kind of woman who warns newbie girls how hard it is to walk around in high heels on a racecourse, which leads her to advice that – no joke – ladies should inform their men prior to the racetrack experience that they might have to sponsor new shoes if the old ones get ruined (as a clearly superior alternative to not wearing heels). She also believes that women should put on a crown for the races in order to symbolize who’s in command, which isn’t the walking wallet to her left. Lovely!

Bottom line: if Katie would spend a little less time doing photo shootings in incomplete jockey dresses or complaining about guys who don’t pay her drinks, she probably wouldn’t be 8-for-156 for the year (5.13%, the worst percentage of all 30 jockeys with more than 100 starts).

Now, if that photo to the left doesn't say "take me seriously as a professional jockey" I don't know what does.

(Image from the Dresdner Morgenpost of July 24)


  1. Yikes - Sounds like modelling is the only way for her to get a photo snapped.

    Chantal is a very good jockey who happens to have done some modelling. It sounds like Werning has some learning to do!

  2. Agree about Chantal. I didn't like her when she made her first attempt at the NYRA circuit (she was great on turf then, but not up to the challenge on dirt), but she has really progressed over the last few years.

  3. Indeed, she's no Chantal Sutherland, neither in the irons nor likely in the "beautiful girl who doesn't make you want to crush your head in a vise after spending five minutes with her" category.

    It's a good thing that it's been 20 years since college and Ich verstehe nur wenig Deutsch these days, or I might have actually paid attention to what she was saying in the video linked at her site. As it was, I could imagine she was conveying deep and moving thoughts in the narration while posing half-dressed under a saddle. ... It's better that way.