Thursday, 26 March 2009

First Things First

I should probably start by pointing out that this blog is called so because I live in Dresden, Germany and couldn't think of a more appropriate title that wasn't already in use. It's not named for the book & TV series, which I've neither read nor seen.

I became a blogger more or less by accident. After I registered to be able to comment on other blogs I realized my username showed up as a link to an empty Blogger profile, suggesting to other readers that the person leaving such ghastly remarks might have the integrity to stick his head out with a thought or two of his own, which I had no intention of doing. Anyway, as the seasons came and went, I finally, after a couple of weeks, decided to give it a try and put one little piece that was just too long (and off-topic) for a comment up into the blogosphere.

I give people who might stumble upon this site the above information to make sure they understand that this blog is a small hobby, it isn't meant to become a newscenter for all things in its scope and might go for long stretches without being updated.

A longtime fan of Thoroughbred racing, I've developed a number of strong opinions on the matter (some of them based on fact) which I might feel the need to rant about. Although I live in Germany, I hardly follow German racing at all (except for the occasional visit to my beautiful hometown track). Instead I concentrate on racing from North America and the British Isles. This is largely due to convenience, my actual favorites would be Hong Kong, Japan and Woodbine, but I can't legally bet on those from Germany (and in the case of Japan can't fully follow it because of the language barrier. Apropos: as I'm not a native speaker of English, readers will have to live with the odd slip in grammar, orthography or vocab, feel free to correct me.)

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